About Us

RetroCrush is a streaming service dedicated to the Golden Age of anime. All fans, old and new, are welcome.

Whether it's swooning over the OG magical girlfriend Lum Invader, or hitting them right in the kokoro with Onizuka sensei, come relive the moments that turned you into a lifelong anime fan!

Free to stream. No subscription required. Start binging your favorite retro (and some not-so-retro) classics!

Web: https://www.retrocrush.tv

iTunes (Mobile/TV): https://apple.co/3byxVsV

Google Play (Mobile): https://bit.ly/2JiDZJU

Google Play (TV): https://bit.ly/2WNXMbV

Roku: https://bit.ly/3dzuKmj

Amazon Fire TV: https://amzn.to/3alZCVr

Join the retro community on our official RetroCrush discord: discord.gg/XadjEfC

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