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8 Man After (Dubbed)

A police officer that nearly meets a violent death is turned into a cyborg with superhuman strength, speed and...

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Lily C.A.T. (Dubbed)

The crew of an interplanetary starship fights for survival after an alien force takes control of their craft.

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In a futuristic, high-tech world, a group of kids and their pet robots compete in exciting "Robattles."

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Wicked City (Dub)

A secret police force known as the Black Guard protects the boundary between the human world and the demon wor...

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Sea Prince and the Fire C...

In this stunning anime classic, a prince of the sea and a child of fire find themselves ensnared in a forbidde...

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Deltora Quest

Ruled by an evil despot known as The Shadow Lord, the kingdom of Deltora's only hope lies in a boy raised to r...