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Osamu Tezuka Collection

Think Osamu Tezuka is only for children? Think again. Dig beyond Astro Boy and Kimba and watch exclusive, rare anime series by the Godfather of Manga himself!

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The Halloween Collection

There is always time for spooky season! Don't expect generic jump scares and bland haunted houses! Get in the mood for body horror with cult classics like Wicked City & Demon City Shinjuku, then laugh it off...

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Cyberpunk Forever

cy·ber·punk /ˈsībərˌpəNGk/ a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

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Osamu Dezaki Collection

Osamu Dezaki is an absolute anime legend that doesn't get talked about as some of his more famous peers. From his early work on the original Astro Boy series, to his seinen anime period where he brought classic...

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Saturday-Morning Anime

A collection to remind you of good 'ol days of Saturday morning cartoons. Now that you're an adult, everyday can be Saturday! (Although we still prefer actual Saturdays.)

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Epic Anime Dubs

Are you a subtitle purist? Well, let us guide you into the wonderful world of epic anime dubs that are 10x funnier than the original (intentionally or not).

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Based on Novels

It's like SparkNotes, except better 'cause it's anime!

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Based on Video Games

Not happy with video games live-action adaptations? Well anime based on video games are a different story! Street Fighter has never looked better than the 1994 classic here. And bet you didn't know there is a V...

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Lupin III Collection

From the iconic Lupin III Part 2 to the exclusive Lupin III TV specials, this collection features lesser known works by masters of Japanese cinema such as Hayao Miyazaki and Seijun Suzuki.

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The Christmas Collection

Celebrate the holidays with season-appropriate anime mood ^_^